Mole Poison – The Ultimate Guide

One way to quickly remove your mole problem is to use poison. Whilst mole poison isn’t the friendliest way to encourage your moles to move out, it can certainly be very effective. If you’re looking for a softer approach, perhaps a mole deterrent would be a better solution. If you just want to get rid of the problem FAST, then mole poison might be the right way to go.
Mole poison comes in lots of different shapes and sizes. You can buy gels, liquids, fake earthworms and much more. It can be difficult to work out which is the right product to go for. The interactive comparison chart below goes through some of the most popular and most effective mole poison products available, to help you make the right decision.

Product Comparison Guide

The interactive chart below shows some of the most popular, and most effective, mole poison products available today. I hope you can use it to help find the product that’s best suited to your needs.
The value shown in the “Rating” column is based on an average customer rating from Amazon. In some cases, the same product is listed several times on Amazon and each has it’s own reviews. In this table I’ve combined all of the customer ratings from all listings of the same product to give a fairer score. You can click on any of the column headings to sort the products in the table.

Name Picture Type Price Rating
Talpirid Mole Bait Talpirid Mole Bait Bait – Worm $$$ 4.0
Mole & Gopher Patrol Bait Mole and Gopher Bait Bait – Pellet $$$ 3.8
Moletox II Moletox II - Mole Poison Bait – Corn $ 3.8
The Giant Destroyer Gas Bomb Gas $ 3.6
Tomcat Mole Bait Tomcat Mole Killer Worm Bait – Worm $$ 3.5
Poison Moleworms Sweeney's Poison Moleworms Bait – Worm $$ 3.5
Tomcat Mole Killer tomcat mole killer Bait – Grub $$ 3.4
Mole and Gohper Bait tomcat mole and gopher bait Bait – Pellet $$ 3.4
Kaput Mole Gel Kaput Mole Bait Gel Gel $$ 3.4
Moletoxx Baited Gel Mole Killer Moletox Gel Gel $$$ 3.2
Mole / Gopher Gasser Mole and Gopher Gasser Gas $ 2.6


Mole Bait / Mole Killer

Mole Bait products are often given the name Mole Killer. There are quite a few different types available, such as the Talpirid Mole Bait, Motomco Mole Killer and Tomcat Mole Killer. Mole bait products like these are usually shaped like worms and are made of a gel. They are designed so that to a mole, they look and feel just like an earthworm.
The idea is that you drop a fake worm or two into the mole tunnels and wait for the mole to walk by. When the mole sees the mole bait he thinks it’s his lucky day and dives in. But, you and I both know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. After chomping on the mole bait, the mole won’t last for long. The poison does its thing, and the mole dies.
Mole poison can be an effective way of getting rid of your moles. If you’d like to try something different though, another option is to use mole traps.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Moles…

Mole Fact

Each mole has its own tunnel network. It's not unusual for each tunnel network to be longer than 70m.